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Lexmark MX910

Lexmark MX910

EC8.0 (LW80.xx.P210) release notes

Firmware EC8.0 release notes (January 2022)

Changes in LW80.xx.P210

  • Security Issues Addressed:
    • CVE-2021-44734 Embedded web server input sanitization vulnerability
    • CVE-2021-44737 PJL directory traversal vulnerability
    • CVE-2021-44738 Postscript Buffer overflow
  • Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:
    • Fix for 900.80 error on MX6500 devices
    • Resolve an issue where copy “overlay” did not function correctly when panel language is set to a DBCS language
    • Resolve multiple issues with some PDF print jobs resulting in incorrect output
    • Fix for a 900.43 error when printing certain postscript print jobs
    • Multiple fixes for some PCL5 print jobs resulting in incorrect output
    • Fix for various 912.45 errors and 900.00 errors

Changes in LW80.xx.P013

  • Security Issues Addressed:
    • Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
      • CVE-2019-19772
      • CVE-2019-19773
    • Stored Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
      • CVE-2020-10093
      • CVE-2020-10094
    • TLS Protocol Vulnerability – CVE-2019-1559
    • Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability – CVE-2020-13481
    • Updated Java certificates
    • Patched OpenSSL for security improvements
  • Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:
    • Resolved an issue where PKCS12 file import failed due to a leading blank space
    • Fix for an issue where remote op panel session was unable to be reopened after the initial session was disconnected
    • Mopria Scan Certification on MFP’s
    • Remove Google Cloud Print items since it has been decommissioned by Google
    • Fixes for various 900.xx crashes
    • Wireless stability improvements
    • Fix for issues resolving hostnames
    • Improvements to Fax, FoIP, and Network Fax functionality
    • Multiple translations updates
    • Improve keystroke detection on remote operator panel
    • Update included Scan to Network version to 4.9.25 for touch screen MFP’s
    • Improvements for scan to folder on a DFS share
    • Fixes for sending emails to logged-in user (native workflows and apps)
    • Multiple card reader behavior improvements
    • Improve messaging of MS91x/MX91x devices with high capacity feeders attached that were not able to print after waking from sleep
    • Enhanced Device Statistics reporting
    • Multiple fixes for PDF errors, missing or incorrect rendering, and 900.xx crashes due to job content
    • Multiple fixes for PS errors and 900.43 crashes due to specific print jobs
    • Various fixes for PCL5 and PCLXL print job errors, missing characters, incorrect output, and 900.xx crashes
    • Improved memory utilization


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