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Lexmark CX825

How to Print a Booklet Using the PostScript Driver on a Laser Printer


This document will guide you in how to perform booklet printing in Windows Operating System.

Note:  As a general guideline, the Lexmark printer models that support duplex printing also support printing booklet.

Booklet printing in Windows

Step 1. Open a multi-page document (MS-word, Adobe PDF, etc.).

Step 2. Press [Ctrl+P] or navigate through File > Print to launch the print dialog box.

Step 3. Select the respective Lexmark PostScript Print queue and click on "Printer Properties".

Step 4. In the Layout tab, under Page Layouts, select the "Booklet" option (default is Normal) and click OK.

Note:  For the Booklet option selection, the Duplex option is grayed out and is set to “Print on Both Sides”.

Step 5. Click on "Edit Settings” for other features in printing Booklet:

  1. For printing a Booklet cover, click on “Create a booklet cover”.

  2. Binding edge

    • Default is Left
  3. Sheets per bundle

    • Default is Maximum
  4. Print fold mark

  5. Maintain original page size on the booklet page. (This feature is for large paper sizes like A3, Tabloid, etc. On selecting the same, the print output retains the original paper size.).

For Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP and below

You can make a booklet from any multi-page document. The pages print so that the finished collated document can be folded along the center of each page to form a booklet.

Note:  If the document contains a large number of pages, the booklet may have too many pages to fold easily. If you are printing a fairly large booklet, you might want to use the Sheets Per Bundle option in your driver to specify how many physical pages are put into one bundle. For large booklets, you can print a number of bundles and then bind them into one booklet. Printing in bundles helps the outside edge of the pages to line up more evenly.

To print a booklet:

  1. Go to the Printers folder and right-click on the PS driver.

  2. Select Printer Preferences and then click on the Print Style tab.

  3. Select Booklet.

  4. Select the number of sheets per bundle. For large booklets you can print several bundles and then bind them into one booklet.

  5. If necessary, select Print Foldmark.

  6. Select your binding option.

    1. If you want the pages in your booklet to turn left to right, select Left Binding.

    2. If you want the pages in your booklet to turn right to left, select Right Binding.

    3. When printing in landscape orientation, select Top Binding if you want the pages in your booklet to turn from the bottom of the booklet to the top.

    4. Select Bottom Binding if you want the pages in your booklet to turn from the top of the booklet to the bottom.

  7. Click OK.

Printing booklets using the duplex function

Selecting the booklet function turns on Duplex Short Edge control.

  1. If there is a duplex unit on the printer but you have not updated your driver to indicate that the duplex unit is installed, you will receive a Settings Conflict message. Use the Options tab in your Printer Properties screen to indicate that the duplex unit has been installed and is available for use.

  2. If the Options tab is not available in your driver, contact your system administrator.

Note:  Booklet printing is not available in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me.