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Lexmark CX827

Lexmark CX827

Lexmark CX825 & CX860 ? Media Specification


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Media Support – Sizes, Types and Weights

Operator Interaction

Media Support – Sizes, Types, and Weights

The following table details the standard paper and envelope sizes supported by the printer and options.

The “Universal” paper-size setting allows the user to select custom sizes within the limits specified.

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Media types supported

The table below indicates the types of media supported (i.e., paper, cardstock, labels, transparencies, etc.,) by the printer and each option.

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Menu settings for paper types

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Additional notes on media support in output options

For the Super Finisher...


A code will select the output bin destination by evaluating the print job settings in the following order of priority:

  1. Size

  2. Type

  3. Staple On/Off

  4. Offset On/Off

  5. Bin Destination

This would depend on the allowed capabilities of each bin.

Should multiple bins meet all requested job parameters, the existing bin linking rules will take place.

Stapler bin is the only bin that supports stapling on the Super Finisher and non-stapled jobs.
The sizes and types in the tables detailed above are supported, except universal size.

Standard bin is the only bin that supports Offset on the Super Finisher.
Offset is no longer supported by the Stapler bin and will be inhibited by it.

When multiple finishing operations are selected for a given print job, the printer will attempt to perform as many finishing operations as possible with the following preconditions:

  • It is dependent on the rules in the media size and type tables detailed above.
  • The finishing operation priority order is staple, punch, and offset.

If none of the requested finishing operations can be performed, the print job is routed to the standard bin.

For the In-Line Stapler (ILS)...

...ILS only has a single bin; if the print job setting is not supported and has been locked out for the selected size or type, pass-through mode (no accumulate/tamp) will be used.

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Paper weights for input sources

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Paper weights for output options

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