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Lexmark CX827

Lexmark CX827

Confusion Over Shortcut Memory Allocation and the Limit Number Located in the Embedded Web Server


hat you will see

You are unable to store the stated number of shortcuts as shown in the EWS. For example, 294 of 500 space used, as seen in the illustration below.


In this case, the number 500 equates to an estimated number of shortcuts for all shortcut types such as e-mail, fax, and FTP. Moreover, longer shortcuts containing more characters diminish the total amount of memory allocated for shortcuts.

Suggested remedies

The following recommendations may help free up memory resources in order to store more shortcuts on the device:

  • Shorten the name of the shortcut.
  • Delete shortcuts that have not been used for a long time.
  • This will not alleviate running out of memory, but you may try updating your firmware, which now more accurately reflects the available memory consumed by shortcuts.

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