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Lexmark CX827

Lexmark CX827

213.x5 and 213.91 paper jam

Issue description

Any attempt made by the printer to print a page results in a 213.15, 213.25, 213.35, 213.45, 213.55 or 213.91 paper jam.

A blocked sensor results in a 213.91 error upon printer power-up or when closing a door.


  • The error displayed will depend on the tray source or paper-path location.
  • 213.91 is the only error that comes up upon turning on the printer.


  1. Check the paper path for paper jams and fragments.

  2. Remove the jams and fragments found blocking the paper path.

  3. Check the paper condition in the tray and replace the sheets if they are crumpled or damaged.

  4. Perform a test print and check whether the issue persists.


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