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Lexmark MS610dn / MS610dtn

Lexmark MS610dn / MS610dtn

Counting the page usage and checking the page balance

Issue description

This article explains the criteria on how printed pages are counted and details the steps on how to determine page balance.

Method of Counting

  • Pages ‑ refer to printed side per color plane. See the equivalent page count deducted for each printed page below.


  • Color printing decreases page balance by four per page.
  • Two-sided printing decreases page balance by two per page.
  • Black-and-white printing decreases page balance by one per page.

How to check page balance

  1. From the printer home screen, touch the My Pages application icon.

    Note:  The number of Pages Remaining appears on the first screen.

  2. If manual ordering is configured, then touch Order Pages to order a page bundle, or touch Back to return to the home screen.


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