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Lexmark MS610de / MS610dte

Lexmark MS610de / MS610dte

200.05 Paper Jam Error Code

Defect Symptom

200.05 Paper Jam – The Input sensor was covered too long. Possible cause is a multi-sheet feed that is shingled. The sheet behind could have been staged and was picked early.

Customer Repair Action & Troubleshooting

  1. Fan media in paper input tray to prevent sheets from sticking together.

  2. When jam occurs, remove Cartridge/Imaging Unit and verify two sheets are present with less than 3/4 inches (19mm) gap between them.

Repair Sequence 1 (Copy into Siebel)

For MS/X 310/410:

  1. Replace the ACM Clutch.

For MS/X 51x/61x:

  1. Replace the Input Tray.

Parts repair 1

For MS/X310/410:

40X8265 – ACM Clutch

For MS/X51x:

40X8305 – 250 Tray

For MX/X61x:

40X8086 – 550 Tray

Repair sequence 2 (Copy into Siebel)


Parts repair 2



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