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Lexmark MS617

Unable to Pull Out Toner Cartridge from a New Printer


When trying to remove the toner cartridge from the printer, you find is immovable: you cannot pull it out of the printer.

This happens only to new printers where the toner cartridge came with the printer.


Pushing the toner cartridge inward, or shaking it inward and outward slightly, will allow the latch to release the toner cartridge. You should be able to remove it. Here are the steps you need to perform this solution:

  1. Open the printer’s front door. Lower the toner cartridge handle, then push the toner cartridge inwardly to move it, releasing it from its latch; then pull the cartridge out. Go to link for the video to see how this works.

  2. Should the issue persist, push the toner cartridge inward, then push theright-hand cartridge latch to allow it to release the toner cartridge. Then try again to pull out the cartridge. In this sample image below, the right-hand cartridge latch is outlined in red.


This video shows the procedure how you can remove a stuck toner cartridge on a new printer.


  • You will need Flash Player to view the video.
  • Click the rewind button to replay the video.

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