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Lexmark MS617

Enabling the generate postscript in driver or disabling the postscript passthrough

Issue description

Driver options such as Reverse page order, host-based Collation, N-Up, Booklet, Multiple Input Option, Image compression are completely ignored for applications which generate their own PostScript data, like the Adobe suite of applications.

Large spool file sizes such as a 20 MB file spools to over 100 MB.


Activate Generate PostScript in driver to allow preprocessed data to pass through the driver and forces the driver to process the print data and fixes the issues.


  • In older versions of the driver, the term ‘Disable PostScript passthrough’ was used instead of ‘Generate PostScript in driver’.
  • This option is only available in a Postscript driver.
  • Enabling ‘Generate PostScript in driver’ can sometimes result in garbage printing for some complex test cases.

Method 1: Microsoft Windows “Printing Preferences” activation

  1. Go to Devices and Printers.

  2. Right-click on the PostScript printer object

  3. Select Printing preferences from the list.

  4. Click on Other Options tab.

  5. Check Generate PostScript in driver checkbox.

  6. Click Apply / OK.

Method 2: Application Activation

  1. From the Application’s menu bar, go to File > Print.

  2. Select the relevant Postscript print queue and click on Properties.

  3. Click on Other Options tab.

  4. Check Generate PostScript in driver checkbox.

  5. Click Apply / OK.

How it works:

By default, when Generate PostScript in Driver option is unchecked, the applications which can generate their own PostScript data do so and pass it to the printer without invoking the driver. This can sometimes cause some print features like N-Up, Reverse page order, etc. not work since the application may not have the capability to perform these functions and neither does it pass the print data to the driver which has the capability to process it. However, when this option is checked, the driver directs the application not to generate its own PostScript data and instead, pass the control to the driver which will then generate the PostScript data and send it to the printer.


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