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Lexmark MS610dn / MS610dtn

Lexmark MS610dn / MS610dtn

Updating the Lexmark printer firmware

How to update the printer firmware

Note:  Do not update the firmware if you are unsure about the presence of special code or code that is specific to a Downloadable Language Emulator (DLE). A strong recommendation is to contact Lexmark Technical Support and seek the advice of a trained technician if unsure whether updating firmware is right for you.

  1. Once you have the latest firmware downloaded, extract the zip file and locate the firmware flash (.fls) file.

  2. Printer must be in a Ready state or set the printer to Invalid Engine Code state.

    Note:  Contact Lexmark Technical Support on how to set the printer to Invalid Engine Code.

  3. Make sure that NO other option cards are installed in the device, as these options often require specific firmware to operate properly. To do this, print a Menu Settings page and look for these options listed under Installed Features or Installed Options.

    Note:  Failure to ignore this step will cause the update to fail, and it can potentially lead an unrecoverable error.

  4. Determine whether your printer is connected via local (USB cable) or network (Ethernet or wireless) and make sure both computer and printer are communicating properly.

  5. Update the firmware. Refer to “Updating printer or MFP firmware using a USB thumb or flash drive.”


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