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Lexmark MS610dn / MS610dtn

Lexmark MS610dn / MS610dtn

How to rebuild the terminal in pharos blueprint


This article details the steps to remove and add a terminal in the Pharos Blueprint server.


Perform the following:



Delete the existing terminal.

Note:  The printer will be removed from all of the print groups.


Go to Pharos Systems Blueprint Administrator >Device Management >Devices, highlight the device, and then click on Create Associated Terminal.


Choose the terminal type. See Application cannot be accessed message displays after pressing the release station icon to view terminal types.

Note:  The Terminal name in Blueprint has to be the same as the printer's hostname. Mismatches usually happen when you create terminals manually on client computers, which is not recommended.


Go to Pharos Systems Blueprint Administrator > Secure Release Here > Print Groups > Managed Devices > Add Managed Devices > search for your printer, and then add it to the correct print group.

Note:  By default, creating a terminal places the device into the default print group. Add the printer back into the specific print group where it was before deleting the terminal.


Restart the eDAS and RegisterMe apps via the printer’s Embedded Web Server (EWS) > Settings > Embedded Solutions or Device SolutionsSolutions (eSF) or AppsApps Management.

Note:  Disable then enable the apps to restart.


On the analyst server, go to the Pharos Systems Blueprint Administrator > Servers, and click on the Clear Replicated Data button. While on collector server, go to the Pharos Systems Blueprint Administrator > Replication, and then click on all three available buttons.

Note:  This will populate the settings update to the collector server.


Restart the printer and test again.


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