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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Print quality issues

Find the image that resembles the print quality problem you are having, and then click the link below it to read problem-solving steps.

If the printer is a multi-function device with a scanner (MX31x, MX41x, MX51x, or MX61x device), confirm that the print quality issue is not a scanner problem by printing from a computer, or by printing a menu demo page directly from the printer: Menu > Reports > Print Demo.

If the print quality issue only appears on scanned documents or copies, go to Cleaning tips for clearing lines, smudges or spots on scanner glass for diagnostic information.

Light or faded print check

Blank printout check

Solid black page check

Toner not fused to the page

Faint or inconsistent prints check

Repeating spots or horizontal lines check

Random spots or marks on the print

Vertical white streaks on black images/texts and background and/or smudges

Vertical dark band at the edge of the print

Toner not fused on Label or Bond media

Fixing vertical white lines or streaks appearing on the print

Repeating background or gray marks

Curved voids at the edge of the page check

Cut‑off image at trailing edge check

Treeing or wrinkling of paper

Full page background or gray print

Vertical band at the middle of the page check

Partial print at one side of the page check

Wavy image or text check


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