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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

The last page of a multi-page duplexed print job is not printing to scale

What you will see

Two-sided or duplex printing results in a last page that is disproportionate or compressed in size when compared to previous printed pages.

Affected products

This issue was first seen on the MX511de MFP; however, printers with similar firmware architecture and a polygon printhead may exhibit this issue.

Suggested remedy

If you have recently upgraded your printer firmware to LW60.##.P630, or LW60.##.P632, then revert the printer's firmware level back to LW50.##.P543 or LW50.##.P589 to address this issue.

Perform these preliminary procedures:

  1. Verify firmware level is at LW60.##.P630 or LW60.##.P632.


    From Control Panel and Menu's Setting page:

    From printer's embedded web server (EWS):


    Press the Menu button on the Operator Panel.

    1. Launch your Internet browser application.


    Touch Reports.

    2. After http://, enter the printer's IP address.


    Touch Menu Settings Page to start printing.

    3. Click on Reports.


    Look for the code level under “Device Information”.

    4. Click on Device Information and identify the value next to Base=.

  2. Verify your printer is utilizing a polygon printhead by looking for the black dot on the printer's label.

    See sample image here.

  3. Contact Lexmark Technical Support, reference this article ID# SO7869, and request back-level LW50.##.P589 firmware for testing purposes. You may also inquire about any new EC6 versions of PE firmware that corrects this issue.


This performance issue was addressed with a previous EC5 PE-release level of firmware. The schedule required for regression testing, and the time required for planning EC6 .P632/.P633, prevented the inclusion of this fix.

NOTE: When calling for support, you will need to provide your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN). Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce call-back situations.


NOTE: This escalation item number is provided for investigative purposes. To view this item, you will need at least Escalation Reader access to ExtraView.

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