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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Faint or inconsistent prints check

Issue description

Generally, the top area of the page is darker than the sheet's bottom area, and the print appears to be very faint in areas. Repeating white, faint, ghost or residual characters or images of what was previously printed may also appear down the page.

Top page is darker than the bottom area page

Images of the previously printed document appears down the page

Possible causes

Multiple possible causes for this type of defect include:

  • Non-genuine Lexmark Supplies / Refilled Cartridges / ‘Compatible’ Supplies
  • 31.46 Reinstall Missing or Unresponsive Toner Cartridge
  • 31.66 Reinstall Missing or Unresponsive Imaging Unit
  • Extreme elevated temperature and humidity conditions
  • Electrical contact failure in the printer

Non-genuine Lexmark Supplies / Refilled Cartridges / ‘Compatible’ Supplies

Use of Non-Lexmark supplies can result in damage to printer components and in multiple failures, including degraded print quality within the system; i.e., the effects of using such non-Lexmark supplies are not limited to the imaging unit, printhead, fuser, transfer system, and paper feed reliability.

31.46 or 31.66 Reinstall Missing or Unresponsive Toner Cartridge/Imaging Unit errors

Ignoring the 31.46 and/or 31.66 events (or 201.22 Paper Jam) errors may lead to poor print quality as depicted above.

High Temperature and Humidity Environment

Toner is a plastic-based powder that is intended to melt in specific environments. Should the toner cartridge and/or imaging unit be stored, shipped, or used in an extremely hot environment, the toner will melt within the supply container. Thus, Lexmark indicates supported print environments in the printer specifications found at website. In some cases, you can hear the toner inside a supply rattle (not the gears but the toner inside) which would indicate the supply has been exposed to extreme heat at some point and needs to be replaced. If it is a new supply, please return it to the point of purchase.

Specified Operating Environment:

  • Temperature: 16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F)
  • Humidity: 8 to 80% Relative Humidity
  • Altitude: 0 – 2896 Meters (9,500 Feet)


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