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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Partial or misaligned print output check

Issue description

It is observed that Partial print, and often misaligned images that are not compressed, but simply cleaved or cut off at the margins.

Examples: MS and MX31/41/51/61x printers center feed (CF)

All examples below, except for A5 sized paper, are fed short-edge first (SEF) with letter-sized paper. (8.5" X 11", 215.9 mm X 279.4 mm)

A6 (SEF)(CF)

Envelope 10 (SEF)(CF)

Statement (SEF)(CF)

Note:  A5 paper feed orientation is also short-edge first (SEF) on these models.

Examples: MS and MX71/81x printers.

A5 (Long-edge feed LEF)

Note:  Top half of the page is printed only.

A6 (SEF)

Statement (SEF)

Envelope 10 (SEF)

A5 (LEF) on these models (71x/81x) allows for an alternate A6 or Universal* size. (*110V models only)


  1. Check the paper size and type of the default paper source.

    To do this, navigate from the Main menu to Paper Menu > Paper Size/Type.

    Optionally, print out a Menus settings page.

  2. Applies to MS/MX71/81x

    If your printer has auto-size sense capabilities, check the tray's paper-size guides for proper operation.

    As an example of the paper guide locked into Letter, see here:

    Verify that the fingers on the left side of the tray are in the correct position:

    Fingers 1 and 2 and 4 -- UP Finger 3 -- DOWN

    If finger 3 is UP, then seeUniversal paper size: Determining a problem with auto-size sensing.

  3. Applies to all models*

    Attempt to adjust the paper size of the destination tray on the printer under Paper Menu > Paper Size / Type.

    * MS/MX31x, 41x, 51x, 61x allows this adjusment on all models.

    * MS/MX71/81x allows this adjustment if prompting is turned off. This is not recommended under most circumstances and disabling it requires contacting Lexmark Technical Support.

  4. Go back to your application to see what paper (page) size is specified.


A mismatch between the print file's paper size and the paper size that's loaded in the paper tray, and triggered when:

  • paper size is set to Universal (See Paper Menu), or
  • the tray's paper restraints (guides) are improperly adjustedfor size loaded in the paper tray, and
  • a user presses Finished loading paper, Continue, or Use current setting knowing, or not knowing, that the wrong size paper is loaded in the tray.

Either Paper Type [Plain] or Paper Size [Letter] is not registered by the printer for the source paper tray.

Universal paper size: Determining a tray auto-size sensing issue

Note:  The MS and MX31/41/51/61x printer series has no tray sensing.

MS/MX71/81x example

To determine this possibility:

  1. Remove all paper from the tray and then lock the guide into the A5 paper-size position.

  2. Turn the tray over and confirm that the gear and slidearrows are pointing directly at each other.

    Note:  If you have a Phillips-head screwdriver, you can loosen the screw to make this adjustment.

  3. Once again, set the rear restraint (guide) toletter size.

  4. Locate the Media Size Actuator on the left side of the tray, and confirm the finger positions for letter size paper:

    • Fingers 1 and 2 and 4 – UP
    • Finger 3 – DOWN

    The third finger is what triggers the universal designation. If it is sticking up, then try another tray.

    Note:  If only letter-size paper is being used, it is possible to remove the third sensing finger.


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