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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Fixing the "No analog phone line connected to modem, fax is disabled" error message

Issue description

  • Fax function is not working on the device.
  • The control panel displays the “No analog phone line connected to modem, fax is disabled” error message.
  • This same message can occur for devices set up with analog fax or etherFAX.


  1. Go to the printer’s embedded web page (EWS). Enter MFPs IP address in browser URL. For example ‘'.

  2. From the embedded web page, navigate to: Settings > Fax Settings > Analog Fax Setup > Fax Transport and Check if it is set to ‘Analog’ or ‘etherFAX’.

    • If it is set to etherFAX, go to:Analog Fax Setup > HTTPS Fax Settings > HTTPS Fax Status error message ‘(60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate’.
      • If yes, update the printer’s firmware to the latest version.
      • if no, no further action needed.
    • If it is Analog, refer to the following procedures.
      • Make sure to connect the phone line to the correct printer fax port.
      • Plug in the analog phone to a fax line. Make sure that a call can be made as well as receiving a call.
      • Reboot device.
      • Call Lexmark Technical Support if issue is unresolved.


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