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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Troubleshooting skewed A6 paper when fed to the MPF


  1. Get the latest level from the Lexmark Support Site and flash it to the device.

  2. Click the link to download the DoublePick.npa command.

  3. Flash the downloaded NPA command to the printer.

  4. Turn Quiet Mode ON in the Printer Settings.

    Note:  Quiet mode will slow the MPF down but will help reduce skew significantly.

  5. Check whether the resulting print is acceptable to the client. Contact your next level of support should the issue persist.

How to access Quiet Mode

Navigate through: Settings ( or ) > Settings > General Settings > Quiet Mode > On/Off > Submit.

Firmware Flash MethodsInformation

Embedded Web Server (EWS)

Open a browser and enter the printer's IP address. Select Settings >Update Firmware.

USB utility

Updating the printer firmware using USButil or USB flash utility for the detailed steps.

USB thumb drive

Updating printer or MFP firmware using a USB thumb or flash drive for the detailed steps.


Updating the printer firmware via FTP for the detailed steps.
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