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Lexmark XM1135

Lexmark XM1135

Slow Scanning Performance with Certain Scan Features, Scan Functions or Scan Settings

What you will see

Scanning speeds fluctuate and inconsistent scanning performance is regularly seen utilizing one of more of these MFP functions:

  • Scan to PC
  • Scan to E-mail
  • Scan to Network Folder (SNF)
  • Scan to Solutions Composer (App)
  • Scan to (Other apps)
  • Scan to FTP
  • Scan to USB

Affected products

Any MFP that utilizes these features or scan settings will observe slower scanning performance:

  • PDF Compression
  • Color (24bit)
  • OCR (Accuread Automate)
  • Resolution: High(dpi)
  • Content type: Text/Photo or Photo

Suggested remedy

Disable or adjust configurable scan settings for features mentioned above.

Settings and performance example

This example compares how scanning performance is impacted when PDF compression is set to High.

Starting with configurable scan settings for...With a value set to...Results in performance...Versus, PDF compression enabled settings... And, the performance trade off in...
ResolutionLow (75 dpi)

Scan quality


Scan speed


File size


300 dpi (Locked)


Higher but graphics detail muted

Scan speed

Slower or slow

File Size


Color DepthBlack and White (Color

Black and White (Color

Content TypeText/GraphicsText/Graphics
Compressed PDF*Normal (Disabled)High (Enabled)

Notice how higher resolution (300dpi) and PDF compression (Enabled/High) impacts scan speed. To explain this behavior, it only needs to be known that high PDF compression requires more processing power which leads to more processing time and a slower scan speeds.

Setting adjustments and how they can impact scanning performance

PDF CompressionFile Size vs. Scan speedResolution Impact on file Size / SpeedColor DepthImpact on Size / SpeedContent TypeImpact on Size / Speed
OffLarger file size but faster scan speed. 600 dpi or greaterHigh / SlowestColor (24-bit)High/SlowOCR**High / Slowest
High / Enabled / Secure Compressed Smaller file size but slower scan speed.400 dpiHigh / ?*Grey (8-bit)MediumPhotoHigh / ?
300, 200, 150 dpiMedium / ?Black and White (1-bit)Low/FastText/GraphicsMedium / ?
75 dpiLow / FastestTextLow / Fastest

Certain settings shown in this table are not available in every scan-mode on the device.

* Any mid-level setting may yield slight performance gains; however, all information in this article relating to performance gains or losses is variable and dependent upon the complexity of the document being scanned.

Still Need Help?

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When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce call-back situations.


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