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Lexmark XM1135

Lexmark XM1135

The control panel is stuck with the message 'Scanning' when using the scanner

Issue description

The solution discussed in this document is applicable should the printer’s operator panel be:

  • Stuck on "Scanning" when doing copies on either the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or Flatbed (FB), and the printer yields a blank page.
  • Stuck on "Scanning" when doing copies on either ADF or FB.
  • Stuck on "Scanning" when sending emails on either ADF or FB.
  • Stuck on "Scanning" when sending fax on either ADF or FB.


This behavior can often be resolved by a simple reboot of the device. Try powering off the printer and wait for ten seconds before powering it back on. If the message re-appears after the reboot, please proceed with the steps below.

  1. Perform NVRAM Reset.

    1. Power off the printer.

    2. Press and hold buttons 6, 7, and 8.

    3. Power on the printer and let go of the buttons once printer displays the standard home screen.

  2. Access the printer’s Configuration Menu and perform the following:

    • From the Configuration Menu, navigate to Factory Defaults and then select Restore Base.
    • Back to the Configuration Menu, select "Wipe All Settings."
  3. Perform Format Fax Storage in the Configuration Menu.

    1. Select Format Fax Storage from the Configuration Menu.

      Note:  If an advanced password has been established, then you must enter this password to change the setting. Should no advanced password exist, then you can establish one by using the keyboard that appears on the LCD.

    2. Select Submit to save the change.

    3. Select Back to cancel and return to the Configuration Menu. Formatting Fax Flash DO NOT POWER OFF appears on the display while the format operation is active.

  4. Disable LES Applications in the Configuration Menu (For Touch Screen/Solutions Capable models only.)

    1. Access the Configuration Menu.

    2. From the Configuration menu, navigate to LES applications.

    3. Press the left or right arrow to navigate, and then select Enable or Disable.

    4. Touch Submit.

    5. Press Back to return to the Configuration menu.

    6. Exit Configuration menu to restart the printer.

    • If the issue is corrected after doing so, re-enable LES Applications and see whether the issue is resolved.
    • Should issue return when LES is enabled, please call Lexmark Technical Support hotline and ask to be connected to a Software and Solutions Support Specialist.
  5. For printer models with a Hard Disk Drive installed (HDD), boot the machine without the Hard Disk Drive. If the issue is only observed when HDD is installed, perform "Erase All Information on Disk" in the Configuration Menu.

    Warning—Potential Damage:  Potential Damage: This procedure deletes all data on the printer's hard disk, including downloaded fonts, macros, and held jobs. Do not initiate a disk wipe if you have information on the printer that you want to save.

    Available options:

    • Single-Pass Erase — overwrites all data and the file system: this wipe is faster but less secure since it is possible to retrieve the deleted data with forensic data-retrieval techniques.
    • Multi-Pass Erase — overwrites all data without rewriting the file system: this wipe is DoD 5220.22-M compliant since the deleted data is irretrievable.


    • If the printer is reset while a disk wipe operation is executing, then Corrupt Disk appears upon regaining power.
    • If the issue is still unresolved, call Lexmark Technical Support hotline for assistance for possible replacement of parts.

How to access the printer’s Configuration Menu

The Configuration Menu group contains a set of menus, settings, and operations that a user infrequently requires. Generally, the options made available in this menu group are used to configure a printer for operation.

  1. Power off the printer.

  2. Press and hold the 2 and 6 buttons simultaneously

  3. Power on the printer.

  4. Release the buttons after ten seconds.




This issue can be observed only during standard printer boot up. When using the automatic document feeder (ADF), the printer will acknowledge that the media has been loaded at boot up. However, when the user presses the “Copy” (green) button, the printer will not feed the paper at all and the scanner lamp will not show any activity (regardless of whether the scan command came from the ADF or the flatbed). On the other hand, when the printer is booted to its Diagnostic mode, all scanner operations function with no issues at all.

Service action

Should the printer show symptoms of being stuck at “Scanning” when scanning a document through flatbed or ADF, where the message can’t be cleared unless the machine is rebooted and, in addition, after a couple of seconds, a blank page emerges from the output bin – replace the entire ADF Assembly.

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