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Lexmark XM1135

Lexmark XM1135

Lexmark MX310dn ? A Yellow Highlight on a Document Is Not Appearing on the Scanned Output


When the texts in a document are marked using a yellow highlighter, the scanned output does not show the area highlighted in yellow.

Using other colored highlighters, the highlighted area is noticeable and appears correctly on the scanned document.


The printer is functioning as designed. A Lexmark MX310 scanner has a monochromatic sensor with RGB illumination that allows color interpretation. However, this technology is unable to accurately reproduce the very bright or fluorescent color of some highlighters.

The scanner on the MX51x/MX41x/MX31x printer model has different technology from other printer models. The bright colors of some highlighters are reproducible on MX61xe, MX71x/MX81x (and X658) printer models.

: An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

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