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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

What Is the Maximum Number of Shortcuts That Can Be Used on Lexmark Multifunction Printers?



This article explains the limit to the number of shortcuts that you can create for each type of function – Fax, Email, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – on the Lexmark MFPs listed below.

Memory Options and Allocation for MFPs 2007 and Below

These Lexmark MFPs base the number of shortcuts available on memory requirements, not on a hard limit to the number of shortcuts.

Example using Fax shortcuts:

One shortcut for each (ten-digit number = 123-456-7890) (16-character name = John Doe’s Fax) = 31 bytes per entry

Disk Model 56,350 bytes56,350/31 = 1817 speed dials (or 1800 to round off the number)
Non-Disk Model 16,100 bytes16,100/31 = 519 speed dials (or 500 to round off the number)

X642e and X644e (non-disk) support:

  • Fax = 16,100 bytes
  • Email = 16,100 bytes
  • FTP = 8,000 bytes
  • Profiles = 100 total or 16,384 bytes, whichever comes first.

On MFPs with a hard disk, there is 3.5 times as much space as on a non-disk model.

The X646e, X64xef, and X85xe (with hard disk) support:

  • Fax = 56,350 bytes
  • Email = 56,350 bytes
  • FTP = 28,000 bytes
  • Profiles = 100 total or 16,384 bytes, whichever comes first.

An x denotes any number within a given model series.

Memory Options and Allocation for MFPs 2008 Onwards

The maximum number of shortcuts that can be created for the following functions – Fax, Email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Copy, and Profiles – is based on two criteria:

  1. Memory requirements
    The presence of a hard drive or other memory options does NOT affect the memory available for shortcut storage.

  2. The total number of Fax + Email + FTP shortcuts is limited to 500 entries (not 500 of each type).IMPORTANT! Either limit being reached will prevent additional shortcuts from being installed.

X20x, X36x, X54x Series MFPs:

  • Fax Shortcuts (Speed Dials) = A maximum of approximately 99 based on a ten digit phone number
  • Locations in a shortcut = A maximum of 12 locations
  • Numbers of characters = A maximum of 512 characters

List of MFPs 2007 and Below

Any other MFP printer models not listed on the table below.

List of MFPs 2008 Onwards

Product Family

Lexmark T65x6500e + T65x
Lexmark X26x / X36xX264dn X363dn X364dn X364dw
Lexmark X46xX463de X464de X466de X466dte X466dwe
Lexmark X54xX543 X544 X546
Lexmark X65xX651de X652de X654de X656de X658de
Lexmark X73xX734de X736de X738de
Lexmark X86xX860de X862de X864de
Lexmark X548X548
Lexmark X74xX746de X748de X748dte
Lexmark X79xX792
Lexmark X92xX925
Lexmark X95xX950 X952 X954
Lexmark MX310MX310
Lexmark MX410MX410
Lexmark MX51x

MX510 MX511

Lexmark MX61x

MX610 MX611 Lexmark MX6500e 6500e MFP Option + MS71x or MS81x

Lexmark MX71xMX710 MX711
Lexmark MX81xMX810 MX811 MX812
Lexmark CX310CX310
Lexmark CX410CX410
Lexmark CX510CX510

An x denotes any number within a given model series.

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When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

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