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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Cut‑off image at trailing edge check


Customers may call in with a print quality issue wherein a page in the printed job has the image cut-off near the trailing edge of the paper. See example below:

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In the example, the image was inadvertently printed in two sheets; the image on top sheet (partial

red boarder

) has the bottom part cut-off, while the rest of the image was printed on the second sheet (partial

blue boarder



This is not a print quality defect. The situation is due to the “flushing” of an unfinished page, an operation new to this family of products.

Flushing is the process of automatically moving the undamaged media to the output bin that would have otherwise been stopped inside the printer.

On prior product generations, when misfeeding caused paper jams that did not result in physically jammed or damaged pages, the printer stopped and required the user to remove every page in process from the printer. This situation has changed with the new generation of products.

Paper path changes

When a paper jam occurs with the new generation of products:

  • Customer clears only the page that caused the jam.
  • Unfinished pages in the path are not completed, but are automatically sent to the output bin. (This is the primary cause of having a page with a cut-off image.)
  • Printing automatically resumes, starting with the page that was jammed.


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