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Lexmark XM1145

Lexmark XM1145

Pick tires replacement procedure

Issue description

The pick tires are part of the printer that pulls out paper from the tray. With regular printer usage, these tires accumulate dust and paper debris, thus preventing them from picking paper properly.

If the pick tires are already worn out, it is always advisable to replace them to avoid any possible paper feed issues or paper jam.


This document describes the step-by-step procedure for replacing the printer's pick tires.

  1. Power off the printer and remove its power cord from its back and from the power outlet.

  2. Open the printer’s front door and remove its supplies; i.e., toner cartridge and imaging unit.

  3. Close the printer's front door, remove the tray, and then position the printer so that it sits on its rear side.

  4. To remove the tires, start by pulling down the duplex assembly (blue plastic) first and then the pick roller assembly.

    Note: Do not use the paper level indicator to pull the pick roller assembly. Slide the tires out from their rim.

  5. Take the new pick tires out of their packaging.

  6. Repeat Step 4 to access once more the pick roller assembly. To install the new tires, slide each of them onto its corresponding rim, making sure that they fit snugly.

  7. Set the printer back in its upright position. Reinstall the paper tray and open the printer's front door.

  8. Reinstall the supplies, starting with the imaging unit and then the toner cartridge. Close the front door.

  9. Plug the power cable back in and power on the printer to test.

    Notes: Please use the packaging of the new pick tires to send the old ones back to Lexmark for recycling.


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