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Lexmark XM1135

Lexmark XM1135

Lexmark MX31x, MX41x, MX51x and MX61x ? Troubleshooting a 900.80 Firmware Error

What you will see

The printer posts a 900.80 Firmware Error upon boot up and the service menus such as the Diagnostic and Configuration modes are inaccessible.

Recommended solution

Update the printer firmware to EC3 or the latest level.

If issue persists, please contact Lexmark Technical Support to set up service for the printer.

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce callbacks.


Technical Service Bulletin

Problem Description

Machine Type/Model

7015 – xxx 7016 – xxx

900.80 Firmware Error


See the troubleshooting steps presented in this article.

Date Created


Last Updated


Safety Issue?


Code Update?


Engineering Change?


New Parts?


Old Parts Status


Voltage: 120/240


Serial No. Range





Power-On Reset (POR) the printer. See if the error clears. Proceed to the next step should the error persist.


Disable the scanner. To do this:

  1. Power off the printer.

  2. Press and hold the buttons 3 and 7 while powering on the printer.

  3. Release the buttons after ten seconds.

If the printer was able to boot up while the scanner is disabled, please proceed to Step 3. Otherwise, replace the Controller Card using the appropriate part number below:

  • 40X9251 – Controller Card (MX31x)
  • 40X9252 – Controller Card (MX41x)
  • 40X9253 – Controller Card (MX51x)
  • 40X9254 – Controller Card (MX61x)

Note: Alternatively, you can disable the scanner by going through the Configuration Menu (2 and 6)> Disable Scanner> choose from Enable, Disable and ADF disable > Submit.


Power off the printer and open its right-side cover to access the Controller Card. Check the ADF-pin connector (JADF1) and the cable connected to it. See whether the cable is loose or if there are bent pins.

  • MX31x, MX41x and MX51x
  • MX61x
  • Replace the parts accordingly if physical defects are found:
    • 40X9118 – ADF to controller cable (MX31x and MX41x)
    • 40X9117 – ADF to controller cable (MX51x and MX61x)
    • 40X9251 – Controller Card (MX31x)
    • 40X9252 – Controller Card (MX41x)
    • 40X9253 – Controller Card (MX51x)
    • 40X9254 – Controller Card (MX61x)
  • If there are no physical defects, then reseat the cable and POR the printer. Should issue persist, proceed to Step 4.


Should issue persist even after following the previous steps, replace the ADF assembly:

  • 40X9059 – ADF assembly (MX31x)
  • 40X9057 – ADF assembly (MX41x)
  • 40X9093 – ADF assembly (MX51x and MX61x)

Note: Escalate to next level of support if the error does not clear even after replacing the entire ADF assembly.

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