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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Fax Over IP (FOIP) SIP settings password appears as clear text

Issue description

In configuring the Lexmark FOIP on the printer, part of its fax settings includes Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) setup where you need to input a password for SIP.

However, the password appears as clear text rather than dots or asterisks (*******). The following steps will guide you about how fax setup is done on FOIP.

  1. Access the printer’s embedded web server (EWS) by entering the printer's IP address into the web browser. For example, enter http://MFP_IP_ADDRESS, where MFP_IP_ADDRESS is the printer's IP address.

  2. Click Settings > Fax Settings > Analog/T.38/G.711 Fax Setup to configure the fax settings.

    Note:  The “Analog/T.38/G.711 Fax Setup” option only appears if you have successfully installed the FOIP application and its license.

  3. Under Analog/T.38/G.711 Fax Setup, enter all the necessary information and ensure that Fax Transport is set to T.38 and VoIP Protocol is set to SIP.

    Note:  If you enter the password, it will appear as clear text similar to that labeled as 3 and outlined in red in this illustration. The Fax Transport and VoIP Protocol are labeled as 1 and 2 respectively.

For more information about FOIP application and a detailed description of the fields found on the fax setup, please refer to the Lexmark FOIP Administrator’s Guide.


Updating the printer firmware will fix the issue. Please refer to the Firmware Update Instructions for steps in updating the printer firmware.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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