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Lexmark XM7263

Lexmark XM7263

A 'Re-install Missing or Unresponsive Fuser [31.80] Error' Appears

Issue description

A “Re-install missing or unresponsive fuser [31.80]” message usually means someone removed the fuser while the power was still on. This can also occur if someone removed the fuser while the printer was in Sleep mode and, subsequently, the printer wakes up from Sleep mode.

Note:  End of life consumables such as fuser, transfer roll, and/or pick tires can cause some errors. Check the fuser's status using the printer's Control Panel. Order a maintenance kit if the fuser is already near its 'end of life' state.


  1. Power off the printer.

  2. Open the printer's rear door as seen here.

  3. Open the fuser access door as seen here.

  4. Reseat the fuser and rotate the blue thumbscrewsclockwise (as shown in this image) to tighten and lock the fuser.

  5. Power on the printer again and make sure the fuser error message has discontinued.

  6. If the 31.80 error discontinues and the printer returns to Ready screen, then the problem is solved. Otherwise, contact Lexmark Technical Support to set up service for the printer.


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