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Lexmark XM7263

Lexmark XM7263

Replace maintenance kit, 0 estimated pages remain [80.30] or [80.31]

Affected Products:

Single function: MS71x, MS81x, M5155, M5163, M5170

Multifunction: MX71x, MX81x, XM5163, XM5170, XM7155, XM7163, XM7170

Issue Description:

A 80.30 or 80.31 message alert appears on the printer display with a non-continuable stop that won't allow the printer to continue printing.

Click here to see image sample.


The printer is not intended to continue past this point. The maintenance kit needs to be replaced.

If a maintenance kit cannot be installed at this time, please contact Lexmark technical support for procedures that will allow the printer to print a limited number of additional pages.

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**Lexmark Only**

In the event that a 80.3x Life Warning message is encountered, and the fuser cannot be immediately replaced, the following instruction will allow users to complete their printing tasks.

Note: Lexmark developed this procedure to prevent negatively impacting our customer's work flow processes. The ability of the printer to print with an end-of-life (EOL) fuser is limited; hence, do not set any customer expectations of extending fuser life or increasing page count by any specific number of pages.

  • Access the printer's EWS, and update the notification settings for the Maintenance Kit.
  • After enabling "Continuable Stop" option, power off the printer and power it back On. The "Continue" option should now appear on the printer control panel.

Warranty Information

Lexmark will not be warranting the fuser to any particular page count. The customer will still have to order a maintenance kit if a fuser enters a 'beyond life' state within the printer's warranty period.


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