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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Important concepts and TSC service handling instructions


MPS Elite and how is it different:

  • MPS Elite is a North American and EMEA channel sales offering and its purpose is to allow the IT reseller to provide their own MPS infrastructure and expertise to manage client devices.
  • The VSC (Virtual Solutions Center) is used to configure or convert a standard Lexmark device into an MPS Elite device, and then the IT reseller utilizes various utilities to track and manage devices.
  • This differs from the Lexmark MPS in the sense that the solution is not offered nor managed by Lexmark.

How do I identify that a printer is an MPS Elite printer?

Product name is suffixed with “MPS Elite”

  • For example, “MS410dn” will appear as “MS410dn MPS Elite” as seen on the Operator Panel, Menu’s Page, and EWS.

Siebel Asset Warning

  • TSC Siebel users will identify MPS Elite assets by this Asset Warning message:
    • MPS Elite Program – Unique cartridge (Std. Lexmark Cartridge will work if backordered), Unique settings and License required from VSC
    • Note:  No unique TLI for MPS Elite printers will be available.

MPS Elite printers & cartridge compatibility

  • New devices will ship with standard Lexmark cartridges.
  • After licensing takes place, both standard Lexmark and MPS Elite cartridges are compatible with the device.
  • MPS Elite cartridges can only work in MPS Elite licensed devices.
  • Licensed MPS Elite cartridges have unique pricing.
  • C950/ X950 MPS Elite devices will not have a separate MPS Elite cartridge available; they will only use a standard Lexmark cartridge.
    • If the MPS elite cartridge is back-ordered, then consider sending the customer Lexmark High Capacity cartridge.

Refer to the MPS compatible toner cartridges list for more information.

Note:  Products not currently in the program: X548, C746, C925/X925, MS710/711, MX6500e, BSD products such as XC, SC and XM devices

How to verify that MPS settings and MPS licenses are deployed correctly on the device

  • Correct deployment of Settings can be verified by checking the operator panel and EWS. The product Name is suffixed with “MPS Elite”. For example, “MS410dn” will appear as “MS410dn MPS Elite” as seen on the Operator Panel, Menu’s Page, and EWS.
  • For the MX, CX, MS, CS series: type http://<printer ip>/webservices/vcc/licenses and look for the value below:
    • MPS Elite License for (all MS MX CS CX products)
      • Access the printer's embedded web server (EWS) by typing in http:///se.
      • Select Embedded Solutions from the list
      • Click on Clear Log File.
      • Select Yes, then click Submit.
      • Perform a VSC Redeployment.
      • Should this procedure fail, capture the VSC logs and the Embedded Solutions log.
      • Attach the logs to the SR/case.
      • Use Service Restore Tool and redeploy using EWS.

      Note:  Please make sure to follow the readme instructions when deploying the file from SRT.

  • Special case for CX860: MPS Elite takes a special, hand-generated license for CX860 printers. Type http://<printer ip>/webservices/vcc/licenses and look for the value below:
    • CX860 MPS Elite
    • Note:  The license will be locked to "compositeId" instead of "serialNo".

If it is not present, escalate to SW L3, who will work with PE in getting the license.

GSO contract team responsibility

Function of GSO Contract Team:

Make sure Siebel Product Asset Warning message is entered for the specified SN#.


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