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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Pantograph Calibration Sheets Faded with Rx Software

Audience: Lexmark and partners only below

What you will see

Print output of pantograph calibration sheets shows a pantograph that is overly faded, light, or not discernible. Adjusting toner darkness has little-to-no effect on output quality.

Affected products

This was first observed on an MX611de using an Rx third-party application (OM Plus); however, other products that share similar firmware and hardware can observe similar output with similar dot-pattern images.

Suggested remedy

First... Next, second...Lastly, re-run the calibration (print), but first...

Update firmware to the latest version.

For example, make sure firmware is at EC6 (LW60.xx.P632) or EC6.1 (LW61.xx.P634), and engine code is at FDN.PIR.E636.

Set engine setting 9 to 2 (decimal).

From the control panel:

  1. Boot into the Diagnostics Menu. a. Turn the device off. b. Hold down both 3 and 6 buttonswhile turning the device back on. c. Release 3 and 6 when you see the progress bar is half way across the initial "Lexmark" splash screen.

  1. Once in the diagnostics menu, select Printer Setup.

  2. Select Engine Setting 9.

  3. Enter 2 for the new decimal value, and submit the change.

  4. Verify that under Printer Setup, the Engine Setting 9 has a value of 2.

  5. Press the back button repeatedly until you return to the main Diagnostics Menu screen.

  6. Select Exit in the lower right or left corner of the panel to exit the Diagnostics Menu. (Button location based on model)

The device will then boot itself as normal.

Before running the OM Plus* calibration, perform a full reboot with the power switch.

Do not rely on the reboot that happens when exiting the diagnostic menu or the auto-reboot after applying the npa file.

Why? This is to prevent an engine re-calibration on the device to a previously known performing state.

: A device reboot is not needed if you have just replaced a supply (toner cartridge or imaging unit) since an engine calibration is forced when a new supply is installed.

*To get the most repeatable output over time, the customer should always select a pantograph from the "toner darkness = 10" page when calibrating the OM Plus application.

Available upon request: An .npa file may be provided by product engineering (PE) if this change works that makes this change remotely via FTP or the device web page if a larger fleet of printers requires this setting change.

Still need help?

Other possible solutions exist, including replacing the imaging unit and cartridge – but this should not be considered until you have exhausted all other options. If this issue persists, contact your next level of support for further troubleshooting options.


Audience: Lexmark only below

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