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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

200.x5 or 241.08 Paper Jam

Issue description

The printer posts a 200.x5 or 241.08 paper jam error as the sheets overlapped in the Fuser. A single image is printed in overlapping paper.


  1. Verify the exact error appearing on the printer.

    • 200.x5 numeric error, an ‘x’ indicates the source tray (0 = MPT, 1 = tray 1, etc.).
      • Two sheets overlapping can be found in the fuser and inside the printer.
        1. Open the rear door to remove paper from the fuser.

        2. Open the front door, remove toner and imaging kit, and remove the paper jam.

    • 241.08 error will inform you that extra sheets are in the output bin. These are the "supposed" jammed sheets which the printer automatically flushed.
      • Press "Continue" to reprint the job instead of opening the door and removing the cartridge in order to clear the jam.
  2. Check the type of media being used:

    • Verify from the printer’s User Guide whether the type of media is supported.
    • If using cardstock or labels, verify whether the media meets all recommendations stated in the Cardstock & Label Guide.
  3. Follow proper media loading:

    • Make sure the tray is not overfilled. Use the level indicator found in the tray.
    • Verify if the Media Size & Type Setting matches actual paper size & type loaded.
    • Make sure the Tray Guides are set correctly.
    • Make sure the media stack corners are straight and sheets are aligned.
    • Check the media edges and make sure that none are damaged or no sheets are locking together.
    • Fan the media and check that nothing is causing sheets to stick together.
  4. Update the printer firmware. Refer to the product’s knowledge base and navigate to Firmware > Checking, downloading, and updating printer firmware for the steps.

  5. Make sure the rollers are clean. If the rollers are worn out or damaged, contact Lexmark Technical Support to request for replacement.


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