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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

230.03 paper jam

Issue description

The printer posts a 230.03 paper jam error with the paper stopping at the rear door.

Should the error appear only when printing duplex (two-sided), you may see that the paper stuck instead in the fuser exit and not in the duplex area as shown below:

If a 230.03 paper jam occurs when doing duplex, the paper that should supposedly pass through the duplexer (B) ends up instead in the fuser exit (A).


  1. Check whether a third-party toner is used in the printer. It could also be leaking into the printer or overfilling the waste-toner area of the imaging unit.

    Non-genuine toner cartridges can cause paper jam error codes by allowing loose toner to get into the printer system.

    Note:  Third-party (non-genuine) toner cartridges and third-party (non-genuine) imaging units are not covered under the Lexmark warranty and replacement supplies should not be sent. In addition, genuine Lexmark imaging units damaged by third-party toner are not covered under the Lexmark warranty and replacement imaging units should not be sent.

  2. Check if the sheet is badly skewed.

    • Ensure the side and rear guides in the tray are set to the correct media size before paper is loaded into the tray.
    • Make sure also that the paper settings match the media being printed.
  3. Fan the media in the tray to prevent sheets from sticking together.

  4. Check whether the media have pre-punched holes in it. Edge welds formed in the punched area may cause the sheets to stick together.

    Ensure that the holes are loaded to the back of the paper input tray. This prevents the holes from catching on the Redrive Assembly Guides when reversing into duplex.

    Media with pre-punched hole

    Edge welds formed in the punched area.

    Notice that many of the edges overlap.

    Edges of a properly cut/punched media

  5. Make sure the printer’s firmware is updated. Go to the Lexmark support site to obtain the latest printer firmware.

Additional troubleshooting for MS/MX71x_81x

If the error appears only when printing duplex:

  1. Open the printers rear door and check for debris in the diverter area.

  2. Check that the diverter is free to move as shown in the images below.

    The diverter opens when pushed (left-hand image) and closes when released (right-hand image).

  3. Remove any media or debris interfering with this movement. If the diverter is not freely moving when pushed even without any obstructions, please contact Lexmark Technical Support to set up service for the printer.



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