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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Error Codes: 24x.22, 24x.24, 24x.41, & 24x.42

Defect Symptom

Error Codes: 24x.22, 24x.24, 24x.41, and 24x.42

Customer Repair Action & Troubleshooting

  1. Update the printer's firmware to EC5 or the latest release. The latest code should include the fix for false 200.03 paper jam.NOTE:Downloading the latest Lexmark printer firmware to learn how to download and install the latest firmware for your printer.

  2. Verify paper level in tray is below max fill line.

  3. Make sure the side and rear guides in tray are set to correct media size; then load paper without snuggling guides against the paper.

  4. Make sure the paper isn't wavy, curled, or damaged. If so, flip or replace media.

Repair Sequence 1 (Copy into Siebel)

  1. Verify ACM Pick Tires are clean and installed correctly. Replace if dirty, worn, or damaged.

  2. Replace Tray Insert.

Parts repair 1

For MS/X310/410: 40X8443 – Pick Roller Assembly 40X8303 – 250-sheet Paper Tray 41X0918 – Pick Tire

For MS/X51x: 40X8443 – Pick Roller Assembly 40X8305 – 250-sheet Paper Tray 41X0958 – Pick Tire

For MX/X61x: 40X8443 – Pick Roller Assembly 40X8086 – 550-sheet Paper Tray 41X0958 – Pick Tire

Repair sequence 2 (Copy into Siebel)

  1. Replace ACM Assembly.

Parts repair 2

For MS/X310/410: 41X0919 – ACM Assembly

For MS/X51x: 41X0959 – ACM Assembly

For MX/X61x: 41X0959 – ACM Assembly


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