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Lexmark XM7263

Lexmark XM7263

Intervention message 'Lamp Warning (backside)'

What you will see

The multifunction printer posts the intervention message “Lamp warning (backside)” as shown in the image below.

Click here to see screen capture of the intervention message using a remote operating panel.


The term 'back side' refers to the automatic document feeder (ADF) scanner lamp,which has been idle (no activity) for quite a while or has just cooled down. This message does not pose any risk to the printer at all.


When the message shows up, you may still continue to operate the printer normally. The message will go away after several scans/copies, as soon as the ADF scanner lamp has reached its normal temperature.

Should the message appear intermittently during operation or even when the printer is booting up, please call Lexmark Technical Support for additional troubleshooting recommendation.

Contacting Lexmark


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