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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

SE Menu and Factory Default Instructions for the Lexmark X46x, X65x, X73x, X86x, X792, X548, X925 and 2013 MX Touch Screen MFP Models


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Button combinations and features for the following menus:

Affected products

  • X46x, X65x, X73x, X74x, X86x, CX511
  • X548, X792, X925, X95x Series MFPs
  • XC2132; XM7170; XM7163; XM7155; XM5170; XM5163; XM3150; XM1145
  • MX710, MX711, MX810, MX811, MX812

The following button sequences are used when the printer/MFP is On.

976 "Network SE Menu"

Button SequenceNetwork SE Main menu optionsSubmenu options


The following button sequences are used when the printer/MFP is On:

  1. Press the Menus button.

  2. Press

    next to Network/Ports.

  3. Press

    next to Std. Network or Network 1.

  4. Press

    next to Std. Network Setup or Network 1 Setup.

  5. Using the keypad, press and hold down 9, 7 and 6 to gain access to the SE Menu.

Network SE Menu with the following options:
  • General
  • Code
  • History
  • MAC
  • NPAP
  • Netware
Extended Menu TreeOptions
  1. Copyright

  2. Optraforms mode

  1. Network code level

  2. Network compile information

  3. Printer code level

  4. Printer compile info

  1. Print history

  2. Mark history

  3. History mode

  1. xref_TE340_xref

  2. Set LAA

  3. Keep alive

  1. Dump NVRAM

  2. Reint NVRAM

NPAPPrint Alerts
  1. netstat -r

  2. arp -a

  3. Disable SNMP set

  4. Set MTU

  5. Meditech Mode

  6. Raw LRR mode

  7. Raw LPR mode

  8. Enable debug

  1. Netware SAPs

  2. NPA delay

"EWS SE Menu" http://mfp_IP_address/se

No Button SequencePurposeAdditional Information
Enter http://mfp_IP_address/se SE Menu with the following options:
  • Display Network Setup Page
  • Dump NVram
  • History Information
  • Dump lbtrace buffer
  • Dump printk buffer
  • Dump SysDebugData
  • Display NPAP Alerts Table
  • Dump Lbtrace Log#0, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Dump SysMgrDebugData
  • Dump RapDebugData
  • Dump Scanmgr Debug Data
  • Dump Hostsend Debug Data
  • Dump Scanner Calibration Data
  • Dump Image Quality Data
  • LDAP Log
  • Dump GUI Debug Data
  • Dump GUI Memory Debug Data
  • Dump Object Store Debug Data
  • Dump Fax Settings Data
  • Dump Fax T30 Log
  • Dump Last 10 of Fax T30 Logs
  • Dump Caller ID Log
  • Report a Fax Problem
  • Change Fax Settings
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Job History
  • IOP3 Information
  • Logs Gzip Compressed (Disk models only)
Seeactual device for individual submenus and information.

**411"Fax SE Menu"

Button SequencePurposeAdditional Information
Fax SE Menu with the following options:
  • Code levels
  • Agency Test
  • Fax settings
  • Modem settings
  • Scanner Info
  • Reboot System
Extended Menu TreeOptions
Agency Test
  1. Get off hook

  2. Ring detect

  3. Generate tones

  4. Modulation test

Fax settings
  1. Fax modulations (extended send and receive modulations)

  2. Detect EOLs

  3. Print Logs

  4. AutoPrint T30 Logs

Modem settings
1-9Press 0 for more... (1-9 repeat)Press 0 for more... (1-9 repeat)Press 0 for more... (1-9 repeat)
  1. Dial timeout

  2. Transmit Level

  3. Receive Threshold

  4. DTMF low level

  5. DTMF high level

  6. Pos Twist Control

  7. Neg Twist Control

  8. ARA EQM Bias

  9. V.34 PreEmph Filter

  1. Dial tone threshold

  2. Progress threshold

  3. Pulse make time

  4. Pulse break time

  5. Pulse Dial Type

  6. Interdigiti Delay

  7. Enable CEQ

  8. V17 Tx Filter

  9. DC Characteristic

  1. Impedance

  2. Caller ID pattern

  3. Busy tone cycles

  4. Busy tone min on time

  5. Busy tone max on time

  6. Busy tone min off time

  7. Busy tone max off time

  8. Congest tone cycles

  9. Congest tone min on time

  1. Congest tone max on time

  2. Congest tone min off time

  3. Congest tone max off time

  4. Adjust Power FSK

  5. Extension support

  6. Pulse Fall Time

  7. Extension Voltage threshold

Configuration Menu

When the printer is powered off, hold these buttons down in sequence while powering the printer/MFP on:

Button SequencePurposeAdditional Information
2 + 6 Allows access to the Config Menu with the following options:
  • Maintenance counter value
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • USB scan to local
  • Print quality pages
  • Reports
  • Size sensing
  • Panel Menus
  • PPDS emulation
  • Factory Defaults
  • Energy Conserve
  • Minimum copy memory
  • Numpad Job assist
  • Format fax storage
  • ADF edge erase
  • Flatbed edge erase
  • Scanner manual registration
  • Disable scanner
  • Paper prompts
  • Envelope prompts
  • Action for prompts
  • Font sharpening
  • Require Standby
  • LES applications
  • Key repeat initial delay
  • Key repeat rate
  • Wiper message
  • Clear custom status
  • USB speed

Click here for the Configuration Menu portion of X65xe Functional Specification. IMPORTANT: Lexmark Internal Use only. See service guide for more information.

Factory defaults example:

  1. Turn off the printer.

  2. Simultaneously press 2 and 6 while powering the printer back on.

  3. Release the buttons when status reaches 100% or when the panel displays Configuration Menu.

  4. Locate and select Factory Defaults.

  5. Locate and select Restore Settings.

  6. Select Reset Printer Settings.

  7. Press Yes if you see a confirmation.

Factory defaults via EWS path:

Settings > Security > Restore Factory Defaults > Restore Settings >Choose Printer Settings from the dropdown, and then hit Restore.

3 + 6 Allows access to the Diagnostic Menu with the following options:
  • Registration
  • Print tests
  • Hardware tests
  • Duplex tests
  • Input tray tests
  • Output tray tests
  • Base sensor test
  • Printer setup
  • EP setup
  • Reports
  • Development Menu
  • Scanner tests
  • ASIC test
  • Feed test
  • Sensor tests.
Click here for the Diagnostic Menu portion of the X65xe Functional Specification.Important: Lexmark Internal Use only. See service guide for more information.
Other Functions
3 + 7Allows access to the Config Menus but disables scanner functionPrevents Scanmgr from initializing the scanner and boot device into Configuration Menu; it will yield an 840.01 Scanner disabled by admin message if in this menu.
6 + 7 + 8 Clear or reset non-critical NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory)LAST RESORT!This option cannot be undone.
3 + 4 + 6 (E+N+ G)Forces the printer/MFP to boot into an Invalid Engine Code stateUseful for updating firmware code.
GO buttonForces the printer/MFP to boot without accessing any installed daughter cardsNone


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