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Lexmark MX811

Lexmark MX811

Vertical smear lines check

Issue description

Vertical lines on printed pages, with identical spacing between the lines to that of the ribs found on the underside of the imaging unit.

These vertical lines can appear as smears through both text and images, and seen here:

Additional identifiers:

  • The image is well fused meaning that no toner generally comes off the page.
  • This issue is more common with printers that have printed many pages and are well into their lifetime duty cycle.
  • More commonly occurs with vinyl media that tends to have more static build-up.
  • Occurrences of this issue on Plain paper are much more rare.


Replace the Transfer guide static brush - PN#40X9754

This will ensure the media is better discharged as it passes under the imaging unit before reaching the fuser.

Possible cause

Worn bristles on the transfer guide brush.


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