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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Staple Option appears grayed out when 'Copy to Source' is not set to Tray 1

Issue description

When making a copy through the Copy Menu, the Stapling Options are shown in the interface but are "grayed out". This happens if:

  • The “Copy To” is set to Tray 2 or Multipurpose Feeder -or-
  • The "Copy to Source" automatically matches Copy From – "Size".


To resolve this issue, the printer’s firmware should be updated. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to receive the firmware update. Our Phone or Chat Support Agents can also guide you should you need assistance in doing the update.



Remote fix

If a customer experiences the Staple Option issue described in the customer-level section of this document, the printer’s firmware should be updated to P163 (LW1.xx.P163) or the latest version. Please escalate to your next level of support immediately in order to get a copy of the firmware.

Additional information

Customer Release notes for LW1.xx.P163 Firmware

  1. Addressed some eSF interface issues related to Imagine Solutions Encapture eSF application

  2. Addressed an issue found when doing an address book search with Email Limit destinations set

  3. Fixed a problem in which a UICC code upgrade leads to loss of Haptics support on the touch screen panel

  4. Addressed a GUI issue where Staple Option appears grayed out when Copy to Source is set to Tray 2 or MP Feeder

Note:  The current plan is that the next EC release containing this fix will be EC2. It is targeted for delivery in April 2013.

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