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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

EC7.0 (LW70.xx.P022) release notes

Firmware EC7.0 release notes (June 2018)

Changes since EC6.3, LW63.xx.P638

New Features:

  • Added SMBv3 support. See KB Article #FA1227 for more details
  • Enhanced TLS 1.2 support. Can now disable TLS 1.0 and TLS1.1
  • Added new "SSL Cipher List" setting
  • Updated openSSL to version 1.0.2j
  • Added support for PKCS #12 security certificates standard

Apps (eTask models only):

  • EcoSettings app - v3.0.11 (4.3" op panels) and v3.5.9 (7" op panel)
  • Background and Idle Screen app - v3.11.0
  • Forms and Favorites app - v4.3.3 (for 7" & 10" op panels) and v3.3.3 (for 4.3" op panels)
  • Scan to Network app - v4.9.7
  • Card Copy app - v2.12.5
  • Multi Send app - v2.7.6
  • My Shortcut app - v1.6.1

Security Issues Addressed:

  • Addressed KRACK which has the following CVEs associated with it:
    • CVE-2017-13077
    • CVE-2017-13078
    • CVE-2017-13079
    • CVE-2017-13080
    • CVE-2017-13081
    • CVE-2017-13082
    • CVE-2017-13084
    • CVE-2017-13086
    • CVE-2017-13087
    • CVE-2017-13088

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Update jar signing algorithm for Remote Operator Panel and Scan Profile java applets
  • Fix for an issue where PDF scans with 1-bit mono images were unreadable by iOS10 and up
  • Fix for an issue on MX31x devices where pressing the sleep button does not put the device to sleep even when the setting is configured to do so
  • Fixes for several 900.xx crashes
  • Multiple fixes for blank screen, white screen, and busy screen hangs
  • Multiple translations changes
  • Multiple card reader fixes
  • Multiple fixes for PDF, PS, and PCL print job errors
  • Multiple fixes for fax and fax-over-IP


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