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Lexmark C2132

Lexmark C2132

959.20 service error appears when updating the DLE RIP firmware

Issue description

The printer posts a 959.20 Service System Board error when updating the printer’s Downloadable Language Emulator (DLE) RIP firmware from an EC2.0 to an EC3.0 or later code.

The following printer models are identified as affected by this issues:

  • CS410
  • CS510
  • CX310
  • CX410
  • CX510
  • MS51x
  • MS61x
  • MS71x
  • MS81x
  • MX41x
  • MX51x
  • MX61x
  • MX71x
  • MX81x

Note:  An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.


To avoid this error, update to P231dle DLE RIP firmware BEFORE updating to any EC3.0 or later releases.

  1. Power OFF the printer.

  2. Leave the printer powered off for ten seconds.

  3. Power ON the printer.

  4. Verify whether the 959.20 Service System Board error still appears on the control panel.

    • If No and printer is back in Ready state with the DLE card installed, update printer’s DLE RIP firmware to P231dle.
    • If Yes, please contact Lexmark Support.


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