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Lexmark CS317

Lexmark CS317

Video: Push-Pull Driver Installation in Windows 10

About this video

This video is provided for example purposes only. It is intended to familiarize users with a push-pull driver installation in Windows 10.

Windows 10 drivers may not be immediately available. In the meantime, you may use Windows 8 or 8.1 driver packages for Windows 10 supported printers.

The following sequence of procedures you need to perform are summarized in the video below:

  1. Click Start,select Run (Open).

  2. Enter \\<IP_Address>, where IP_Address is the PC hosting the shared printer.

  3. Locate the shared printer, and right-click to select Connect.

  4. Observe Connecting to... <SharedName> on <IP_Address>.

  5. ObserveLooking for a driver..., Downloading the driver..., Finishing installation....

  6. Verify installation via Control Panel > Devices and Printers.

If unable to view the video above, see the video below. You may need to wait for the video to load since the file size is approximately ~7MB.


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