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Lexmark C6160

Lexmark C6160

Locating the Serial Number, TLI, and Machine Type


When contacting Lexmark Technical Support or arranging warranty service, you will need to know your printer's machine (model) type and serial number. This article explains how to find information such as the serial number, top-level indicator (TLI) and machine type on the printer.


  1. Pull out the standard paper tray (Tray 1). The serial number (SN), top‑level indicator (TLI), and machine type (TYPE) can be found at the left side of the printer.

  2. The above‑mentioned information is also listed in the menu settings page that you can print by following these steps.

Note:  The 13-digit Serial Number (SN) format will apply to Lexmark CS820, CX825, CX825 and CX860 printers as well as all of the forthcoming Lexmark products.


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