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Lexmark CS820

Lexmark CS820

Fuse Grade Issue

Affected Products:

Single-Function: CS820, CS827 and C6160

Multifunction: CX820, CX825, CX827, CX860, XC6152, XC6153, XC8155, XC8160 and XC8163

Issue Description:

This article deals with the print quality defect known as “poor fuse grade”, in which toner flakes off the edge of the page immediately after printing.


Toner can flake off the page if the paper settings do not match the media being used.

  1. Check the printer’s current firmware (FW) and engine code. Checking the latest Lexmark printer firmware for steps on how to check the printer's current FW.


    If the engine code is xxx6F or above, skip Step 2 and go directly to Step 3.

  2. Update the printer's engine code to YK.02.E006F or higher.
    Downloading the latest Lexmark printer firmware for steps on downloading and Updating the Lexmark printer firmware for steps on updating the FW.

  3. If the issue persists, ensure that the appropriate paper type is set to comply with the media being used.

    The printer has three settings available (type, texture, and weight) that can be adjusted to match a specific media.

  4. Should the toner still flake off, or poor fuse grade still exist (even if the paper type matches the media in use), then adjust the texture for the selected paper type from normal to rough.

  5. If the issue persists, make further adjustments to the fuser temperature by setting the paper weight from normal to heavy.


    The above changes of the texture and weight also change the fuser temperature and can usually correct this issue.


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