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Lexmark CS820

Lexmark CS820

Print quality issues after replacing the transfer belt

Issue Description:

After replacing the transfer belt, the print quality degrades and/or color alignment seems off.


  1. For a print quality defect of this type, it is always advisable to print the following:

  • Menu Settings Page – To check the levels of the consumable supplies (i.e., items such as photoconductor units, developer units and toner cartridges), because supplies that are low or near the end of their functional lives can cause various print quality issues independently of printer operation.

The User's Guide provides detailed instructions for navigating through the printer menus.

  1. Identify any recent changes made in the printer.

  • If the Transfer belt has been replaced, proceed to Step 3.

  • If the toner cartridge/s has been replaced or even should no changes have been made, proceed to Step 4.

  1. Enter the settings menu; Print > Quality > Advanced Imaging > Color Adjust > Start, and print a test page.

Color Adjust can be performed at the operator panel or the embedded web server (EWS).

  1. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support and provide the result from the test above to our Phone Support Representatives. This issue may require in-depth troubleshooting guidance or a service action to permanently correct the issue.


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