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Lexmark C6160

Lexmark C6160

IPDS Timeout settings are ignored or Port hesitates to timeout

Issue description

The IPDS device description procedure results in the printer remaining in a Busy state for a longer than expected time or excessive time is required for the printer to return to ready when IPDS Timeout and host PSFCFG settings set to recommended timeout settings.

Additional observations

  • IPDS Timeout setting was set to other than Host Controlled
  • Printer is running on FW4 and lower.
  • Stopping and starting the writer is the only way to recover the device.
  • PSFCFG Release Timer = *NOMAX

* NOMAX will tell the printer to wait for all IPDS jobs sent to it until the host is disconnected to the printer


  1. Check the printer’s current firmware levels.

  2. Update firmware to the latest version.

  3. Refer to the Firmware Update Instructions.


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