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Lexmark CS827

Lexmark CS827

LUnable to Release the Confidential Print Jobs Sent to the Printer

Issue description

A printer will not release and print the job queue; and a “Unfortunately, Workflow has stopped" message appears when selecting “Print All” on the printer’s Held Jobs option. In this sample screen shot, the options to select are outlined in red.


  • The issue happens on all multiple document types such as word, spreadsheet, or pdf.
  • Both local and network connections experience the same error.


To resolve this issue, make sure to update the printer firmware to the latest version. Please refer to the Firmware Update Instructions for steps in updating the printer firmware.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


The "print all" function tries to query some settings that are protected by FAC, the “function configuration menu” (called Print Settings Menu in the security file). The issue happens when you don't have access (unable to log in or do not have authorization) to FAC. When it fails, printer will post the error "Unfortunately, Workflow has stopped" message. You can log in before using the "print all" function (assuming that your login credentials belong to a group that has access to that FAC) or the admin could temporarily allow public access to that FAC.


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