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Lexmark CS827

Lexmark CS827

Vertical streaks check

Issue description

When printing, there are visible dark or light vertical line(s), streak(s), or void(s) on the paper.

Entire page

Only one color affected

Dark band of toner


  1. Select Status/Supplies icon on the printer Control Panel. Replace any supplies that are low or empty.

  2. Print the Print Quality Pages from the printer Control Panel.

    • Navigate to Settings > Reports > Print Quality Pages
  3. Run the Clean Sensing and Laser Option function. This will run the wipers through the cleaning cycles to eliminate any contamination on the printhead.

    • From the printer Control Panel navigate to Settings > Maintenance > Device > Configuration Menu > Device Operations > Clean Sensing and Laser Optics
    • Touch Start
  4. Print another set of Print Quality pages.

    • If the vertical streaks are gone, the issue was a dirty printhead and the cleaning cycle resolved the problem.
    • If the streaks are still there, but fainter or changed location, repeat the Clean Sensing and Laser Optics step.
    • If there was no change in the streak appearance, contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance.


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