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Lexmark CS827

Lexmark CS827

Light prints on colored areas check

Issue description

Your printed images appear to have light prints on the colored areas or sometimes a blank plane; however, there are no issues when printing black.

Light Print on Colored Area

Printed image on the Transfer belt


  1. Reseat the Transfer Belt. For the transfer belt removal procedure, access Mobile tech and choose the affected printer from the Environment field. After selecting the device, click on Repair information > Front side removals > Transfer belt removal.

  2. Should the issue persist after reseating, remove the Transfer belt and check the (A) All color retract (ACR) coupler and (B) Black only retract (BOR) gear.

    Transfer Belt Front Section

    Transfer Belt Rear Section

  3. Use a coin or finger to turn the ACR coupler clockwise, so that the arrows do not line up.

  4. Check for a small coupler above the BOR gear. Should this part be missing, proceed to Step 8; otherwise, continue to Step 5.

  5. Turn the BOR gear located on the rear of the Transfer belt clockwise; this engages the color stations for color printing mode.

    Note:  There should be a “pop” sound when the belt tensions and the colors engage.

  6. Turn the ACR gear counter-clockwise so that the arrows line up for loading.

  7. Reinstall the Transfer belt and perform a print quality test by accessing, Settings > Reports > Print Quality Page.


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