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Lexmark CS827

Lexmark CS827

Paper size detection is incorrect due to Tray configuration issue

Issue description

When a user physically sets the paper tray guides to a standard size (i.e., Letter, A4, Legal, Exec, B5, State, Folio, A5, A6), the paper setting indicates that it is set to Universal.


  1. Make sure the tray restraints are properly aligned to the desired standard size.

    CS/CX72x Tray rear restraint (A) - Letter Size

    CS/CX72x Tray rear restraint (B) - Universal Size

    CS/CX82x/CX860 Tray rear restraint (A) - Letter Size

    CS/CX82x/CX860 Tray rear restraint (B) - Universal Size

    • Available selections: A5-A6, Statement, B5, Executive, Letter, A4, Oficio (Mexico), Folio, Legal.
    • There is an indicator to provide the user with tactile feedback when the restraint is set to one of these marked positions.
    • Setting the rear restraint to any other position will result in the printer declaring it as a Universal size.
  2. Manually override the previous Universal size declaration:

    • Access the printer's menu and go to; Settings > Paper > Tray Configuration > Paper Size/Type > Tray [#] > Size then manually select the appropriate paper size.
  3. Update the printer's FW to the latest version:

    • Access the printer's embedded web server (EWS) and update the firmware (FW) to version 052.266 or higher.

    Note:  The latest firmware downloads can be downloaded from the Drivers & downloads.


In printer firmware version 5 (FW5), the paper size auto-detection algorithm was changed to make Universal size a persistent setting as long as the printer is powered on once the tray's rear restraint has been moved to a non-standard position.

Updating the printers firmware to version 052.226 or later will result in the tray size sensing function to act similarly to how it worked before initial FW5 release.

Note:  The left side restraint position will not affect the automatic size settings and will only apply to the primary input (Tray 1) & option input (Tray 2, Tray 3, Tray 4). The multi-purpose feeder (MPF) input is not affected by the automatic size detection.


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