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Lexmark XS860

Lexmark XS860

Printer display temporarily goes black during initial power up

Issue description

  • When restarting the Multifunction printer (MFP), the display goes black for about 60 seconds while the gauge bar is still proceeding and then it returns to normal status. Watch this sample video.
  • When restarting the MFP, the display goes black while the gauge bar is still proceeding. The screen returns to normal status when the Touch Screen is tapped. Watch this sample video.

Usual occurrence of this issue

  • Anytime the device needs to be restarted
  • After updating the printer’s firmware


This behavior typically occurs during the power-up sequence. You only need to touch the screen or wait for the Multifunction Printer to come to Ready state. This does NOT affect the printer in its normal function.

Note:  During the start up process, the printer typically generates mechanical sounds to test each of its internal segments. This should serve as an indicator that the printer is receiving power.

If the printer stops and does not come to the Ready screen or show any signs of power, please follow the simple diagnostic suggestions below:

  • If this is the first time this issue has occurred, turn off the MFP. Wait for one minute before turning it on again. Do not turn the MFP off and on too quickly, as it can cause a power issue.
  • Unplug and reconnect the power cord into the printer. Check if the power cord is plugged fully into the printer.
  • If the power cord is plugged into a power strip or other types of surge suppression devices, connect the power cord directly to the wall outlet.

    Note:  If the power cord is already connected directly to a wall outlet, try plugging it into a different wall outlet.

  • Confirm that the voltage at the outlet matches the voltage rating of the MFP ( a 110V printer should be connected to a 110V outlet, or vice versa). Each printer's voltage rating is located on a label on the back of the MFP.


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