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Lexmark XS860

Lexmark XS860

202 or 280 Paper Jam message

Issue description

The printer/MFP stops printing and displays a Paper Jam message, and the numeric error code displayed is a 202 or a 280 type error message*. Select Show areas on the operator panel to view images that will help you locate where the jam is occurring.

Understanding jam numbers and locations

  • A 202 Paper Jam error code – jam location is in Door A.
  • A 280 Paper Jam error code with an installed finisher – jam location is either in Door A or in Door F.

Note:  Two-digit suffix numbers accompany this error. Examples include 202.00, 202.10, 280.01, 280.16, etc.

Affected Products

  • Lexmark W840 Series Printers
  • Lexmark X85xe Series MFPs
  • Lexmark W850 Series Printers
  • Lexmark X86xe Series MFPs

An x denotes any number within a product series.


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