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Lexmark XS860

Lexmark XS860

An Incorrect Time of '30 to 180 Minutes' for Disk Repair Is Displayed on the X46x, X65x, X73x, X86x Series MFPs

What you will see

A message appears on the MFP that indicates it will take 30 – 180 minutes to perform a disk repair.

Explanation and Actual Time

The purpose of this disk repair is to correct any inconsistencies with the disk's file system after an abrupt shut-down of the MFP has occurred.

Contrary to the displayed message, the actual time is only 3–10 minutes. This message will be corrected at a later date.

Who will see this

Any user that experiences a printer intervention condition that requires the printer be powered OFF and back ON.

Typical cases involve a device lock-up or 900 error condition.

Affected Products

  • X46x Series MFPs
  • X65x Series MFPs
  • X73x Series MFPs
  • X86x Series MFPs

Anx denotes an number within a given MFP series; e.g., X654.


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